Minecraft Server Management - The Basics (new panel, draft)

This article aims to teach the basics of running a Minecraft server on WitherHosting!


Getting Started:

Turning on your server:

To turn on your server, navigate to https://witherpanel.com/, select your server and click the "Start" button (its green) as seen below:

Your server should start up, if it gives an error, you can try using the reinstall button in the management section on the left side panel. If this doesn't work, you can open a support ticket and we will gladly help!

How to join your server:

You can find the IP address and port at the top right of the panel, under the name of the server:

Connecting with the IP and port (java edition):

<note to self, insert pic>

Connecting with the IP and port (bedrock edition):

<another pic to go here, raz>


Gaining Admin Permissons on Your Server:

To gain admin "OP" permissons, you need to go to your server console and type `op <username>`, replacing <username> with the user you wish to OP. Then continue with the enter key.

For example:

then enter:


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