How to Change your IP address

This only applies to VPS owners who's VPS was migrated from the old VPS panel to the new VPS panel.

  • First, go to the billing panel

  • Next, Find the VPS service in your account.

  • Next, Click the VNC Access button highlighted in the image below.



  • Once you have logged in with VNC using your root username and password you need to type the command nano /etc/network/interfacesYou should see something like this.



Your IP will be different this is just an example.


  • Once you get to this point you need to change the IP to the one listed on your VNC console above the "black" part of the screen.

The new IP address will look something like 45.134.8.X

  • Once you find the IP, change the line address to the new IP.

  • Once the address line is changed change the gateway line at the bottom to

The gateway will always be no matter if your VPS was migrated or not.

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