Creating servers with a MultiServer

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In this article, you are going to learn how to set up a server from your MultiServer account.

Log in to

Click the Create New button on the Account Information menu.

Fill in how much RAM, Storage space, and CPU you want this new server to have. The amount of resources you have is defined by the MultiServer package you bought. The CPU, RAM and Storage you give to your server will take away from your total amount of resources that you bought (to get more resources see here). For software, type see here: Minecraft Java / Minecraft Bedrock. Then click create to create your server!

‌Wait for the Installing icon (orange) to switch to Offline (red). This is to make sure we have fully installed your server.

Then click the green Manage button to be taken to your server console. In the console is where you can start/stop your server and run server console commands.

Then just click the green Start button to start your server! This will run your server through the first setup process, generating all the needed files and folders.

You can then use your new server from your MultiServer package like any other server!

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